Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass surgery stands as one of the most sought-after bariatric procedures in Tijuana, Mexico, and it’s no surprise why. Designed to combat obesity in patients where diet and exercise alone have proven insufficient, this medical intervention offers a powerful approach that blends restriction and malabsorption.

Gastric bypass surgery in Tijuana delivers remarkable results in a remarkably short time frame. Like other weight loss surgeries, it effectively addresses morbid obesity and the associated medical conditions by curbing food intake and promoting malabsorption. This expedited path to achieving weight loss goals, coupled with a reduced risk of relapse (with proper care), offers individuals with morbid obesity a chance to rapidly improve their health.

Distinguishing itself from other weight loss surgeries in Tijuana, gastric bypass in Mexico involves the reduction of stomach size and the bypassing of a section of the small intestine. A significant portion of the stomach is surgically altered to limit food consumption, while the small intestine is divided and rerouted to restrict access to excess calories.

Advancements in technology have refined this method, particularly because it represents one of the most intricate bariatric surgeries. While each bariatric surgeon may have a slightly different approach, the outcomes remain consistent. Laparoscopic surgery, in particular, enhances effectiveness and results when compared to open techniques. This not only reduces complication rates and recovery times but also helps manage chronic conditions often present in patients, such as diabetes mellitus and blood pressure abnormalities.

Explore the life-changing possibilities of gastric bypass in Tijuana, Mexico, with Dr. Green, and take a significant step toward a healthier, happier you.

bypass gástrico en tijuana

About the Procedure

When considering medical tourism to Tijuana, Mexico for gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Green, it’s essential to understand the procedure’s key aspects. Gastric bypass sleeve surgery comprises two vital components: a restrictive and a malabsorptive procedure.

  • Restrictive Procedure: This aspect limits food intake by creating a smaller stomach, compelling patients to consume smaller portions. Gastric bypass Mexico achieves this by crafting a new, reduced-size stomach.
  • Malabsorptive Procedure: This component reduces nutrient and calorie absorption by bypassing the upper part of the small intestine. In gastric bypass sleeve surgery, this strategic bypass causes food to be only partially digested, leading to a decrease in nutrient and calorie absorption.

Gastric bypass Mexico effectively diverts food away from a section of the small intestine, promoting a feeling of fullness sooner during meals. This naturally leads to reduced calorie intake and significant weight loss.

Recovery Period

Patients typically return to their regular activities around six weeks after surgery while adhering to a controlled diet. However, they may experience changes in the first few months as their body adapts to rapid weight loss. These changes can include tiredness, aches, dry skin, thinning hair, and mood fluctuations. By three to six months post-surgery, most patients should feel significantly better, with these symptoms nearly vanished. After approximately two years following gastric bypass surgery in Mexico, patients tend to have shed nearly all excess weight. Following the doctor’s instructions, including rest periods and prescribed post-surgery medications, is vital for a swift recovery.

Post-Operative Expectations

It’s essential to clarify that gastric bypass surgery in Mexico does not eliminate the desire to eat. Therefore, patients must exercise strong willpower to maintain their results and adopt a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Remaining physically active after the operation is crucial to reduce the risk of blood clots; however, patients should avoid strenuous abdominal or heavy exercises for at least six weeks.

As weight loss progresses post-gastric bypass surgery Mexico, the body will require increased protein intake to preserve muscle mass and sustain a healthy metabolism. Thus, patients should augment protein in their diet, preventing the body from breaking down muscle tissue.

Adhering to a healthy diet, consuming recommended portion sizes, and avoiding junk food and sugary drinks are essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and sustaining the results of gastric bypass surgery Mexico in the long term.

Who Qualifies for Gastric Bypass in Tijuana, Mexico?

Certain criteria determine who is an eligible candidate for gastric bypass surgery in Tijuana. A thorough evaluation of the patient’s medical history is conducted by a bariatric specialist to assess their overall health, quality of life, and physical condition, among other factors. This evaluation enables the doctor to determine the suitability of the surgery for the patient and its potential to help them achieve their weight loss objectives. Additionally, based on their expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the individual’s circumstances, the bariatric surgeon may make necessary adjustments to minimize risks during the procedure.

Here are some characteristics that individuals seeking gastric bypass sleeve surgery to enhance their quality of life should typically possess:

  • Struggles with Diet and Exercise: Candidates should have encountered difficulties in losing weight through diet and exercise alone.
  • BMI of 40 or Higher: Individuals with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or higher are often eligible for gastric bypass.
  • BMI of 35 or Higher with Health Problems: Those with a BMI of 35 or higher and severe health issues related to excess weight, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, or severe sleep apnea, may also qualify.
  • Adolescents with Specific Criteria: Teenagers who have completed puberty and have a BMI of 35 or higher, coupled with significant weight-related health problems, may be considered candidates.
  • Consideration for Lower BMI: In some cases, individuals with a BMI ranging from 30 to 34, who have obesity-related comorbidities, may be eligible for weight loss surgery.

It’s crucial to consult with a bariatric specialist like Dr. Green to determine your candidacy for gastric bypass in Tijuana, Mexico, as each case is unique. Understanding these criteria is the first step towards achieving your weight loss and overall health goals.

bypass gástrico en tijuana

Benefits of the Gastric Bypass

When it comes to weight loss, gastric bypass surgery offers several advantages that make it a preferred choice over purely restrictive techniques:

  • Rapid Weight Loss: Gastric bypass surgery leads to faster weight loss compared to purely restrictive methods.
  • Smaller Stomach: The surgery creates a smaller stomach, limiting the quantity of food patients can consume.
  • Calorie Absorption Reduction: Intestinal redirection decreases the number of calories absorbed by the body.
  • Control Over Candy Intake: Dumping Syndrome helps control the consumption of sugary foods.
  • Simplicity: Gastric bypass is not a complex surgery, making it a viable option for many.

These compelling advantages make gastric bypass surgery in Mexico the preferred choice for individuals seeking significant weight loss through a safe and expert-guided process in Tijuana. It’s no wonder that this bariatric procedure, along with gastric sleeve surgery, is among the most commonly performed surgeries in Tijuana. It empowers patients to embrace a healthier lifestyle and make positive changes to habits that impact their well-being.


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