The true story about before and after

The true story about before and after

The true story about before and after Dr. Green

Summer, your wedding, that dress you can´t wear or a new year´s resolution, all are common reasons when it comes to getting rid of overweight.

Regardless of whether you want to lose little or a lot of weight, sometimes it’s not easy to find a motivation strong enough to reach your goal. I give you one? Your Health. That is the main pull.

When you stabilize your weight, other positive consequences arrive. Fewer chances for diseases, more energy, better self-esteem and a higher quality of life.

On the road of a weight loss process, you may have obstacles. Can I solve it only with diet? How much exercise do I have to do? Should I buy medicine? Am I going to the nutritionist or the bariatrician?

You may do some Internet searches to answer these questions and have enough information before deciding what to do. What you’re going to find there can be a two-edged weapon. You must be careful.

I mean you’re going to see lots of sites offering you miracle ways to lose weight. Easily and quickly. “Solutions” overnight, that far from really help you only are fleeting remedies.

Attach to the content of all those pages you will also see many surprising “before and after” images. Amazing testimonies from people who have already tried this or that method, diet, pill, surgery, etc. I´m not saying that they are fake or that you don´t believe in it.

My point is that what works for someone is not necessarily going to have the same effect on you. Each story is a different case.

Everyone has particular medical implications and characteristics that must be evaluated first to know which will be the right strategy.

So, if you are at this point in the story, I invite you to come with a bariatric doctor. In this way, you will have access to a team of experts who will accompany you on your way to your new lifestyle.

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