Is it safe to travel to Mexico for Bariatric Surgery?

Is it safe to travel to Mexico for Bariatric Surgery?

Is it safe to travel to Mexico for Bariatric Surgery? Dr. Green

Short answer: yes, totally. But let me explain you why.

As you have already known, Medical Tourism is the process of traveling outside your country to receiving medical care. Especially, this is booming for weight loss surgery in Mexico. Every year hundreds of people travel around the world to seek more accessible or affordable healthcare.

Thousands of people arrive in Mexico to realize excellent quality care, fast wait times, and attractive prices for weight loss procedures. But before you jump to any conclusions or decisions, it´s always ideal to look for the best options and do your research properly.

Search for hospitals, clinics, procedures and anything else that make you feel safe.

Regarding such inexpensive weight loss surgeries, it´s perfectly normal for you to be doubtful about the procedure. However, any suspicious thoughts may be done away because Mexican surgeons and hospitals do not believe in compromising the health and safety of their patients, not at any cost.

Besides the traditional surgeries, Mexican weight loss surgeons also can quickly qualify patients who’ve previously undergone the gastric banding or the gastric sleeve procedure, and who want to revise to another surgery type. Some common revisional surgeries are the gastric sleeve to gastric bypass surgery, re-sleeves, and others.

Why Mexico?

It´s ideal for U.S. and Canadian patients. The top benefit is undoubtedly a much lower cost comparatively. Because of the proximity between countries, it enables U.S. and Canadian patients to avoid the extensive travel times.

Extra-bonus for less expensive flights to Mexico.

Another remarkable reason is that Mexico is beautiful! Marvelous sunsets and luxury resorts are a dream setting for you to relax before and after the stress-inducing surgery. And even if you want to keep your surgical journey private, Medical Tourism in Mexico is perfect. You can tell everyone you are off for a vacation instead of a surgical procedure.

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