Should I have surgery?

Should I have surgery?

Should I have surgery? Dr. Green


When you exceed your ideal weight by several pounds, your health may be at risk because overweight and obesity come along with different metabolic complications and other serious diseases.

To fight against this, many people do diets (sometimes extreme ones) and high-performance exercises. But, despite their maximum effort, there are those who fail in losing weight naturally.

Losing weight and fighting diseases derived from obesity, it´s not an easy task. Especially for people with morbid obesity. That´s why bariatric surgery becomes the way for lose weight and recover your health.

But which is the main reason to choose a surgery like this, health or just look good?

To lose extra pounds you can make changes in your lifestyle, including diet, exercise or eating healthy. But if everything has failed and your health is being affected by other serious diseases as a result of obesity, you should consider bariatric surgery.

That´s when you should think in surgery

However, it´s necessary to keep in mind the implications and benefits of a weight loss surgery. After all, any operation carries a certain risk and may produce anxiety.

If you chose a procedure like this, you must be prepared physically and mentally.

After surgery, the weight loss will be gradual. Frequently, the greatest weight loss occurs during the first months (only in the first month can go from 5 to 20 kg) and it is directly related to the changes in your diet.

As a bariatric patient, you should always have a bariatric physician on your side. Don´t settle for a doctor who puts you on a diet, seek the expert guidance of a specialized team that evaluates and follows up on your case in a comprehensive manner.

Benefits of bariatric surgery

Obesity and overweight carry a series of physical limitations associated with a large number of social, family and psychological problems.

Multiple studies have shown that weight loss improves important issues in the patient´s life as self-esteem, as well as sexual and social relationships. Also, there´s evidence that months after surgery, medical treatment for diseases such as hypertension, diabetes or cholesterol decreases considerably and may be suspended altogether.

So, here´s my advice for you: consider bariatric surgery as a real option when your health is compromised with diseases caused by overweight and when you haven´t succeeded in losing weight with other alternatives.

Remember, your health should always come first.

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