Política de privacidad

Dr. Green is committed to protecting the personal information provided by patients and visitors through this website, forms, telephone, or printed media through which it is collected for clinical and medical purposes. This Privacy Notice aims to protect the personal data of all patients through its legitimate, controlled, and informed processing to ensure their privacy and your right to informational self-determination.

In compliance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Guidelines for Individuals, the following commitment is established:

The personal data entered into your medical record will not be disclosed, distributed, or commercialized. They may only be provided or shared with your treating physician, with whom we conduct your diagnosis and monitor your progress.

The information you provide verbally or through the clinical forms that must be completed in your physical therapy and rehabilitation program may be included in reports used to monitor your medical progress and the advancement of your therapy. Its use will be purely statistical and for monitoring the progress of your physical therapy and/or rehabilitation.

Accessing and/or registering through the website and/or other means implies the full and unconditional consent of users for the processing of their personal data in accordance with this Privacy Notice.

The owner of the personal data states that they are of legal age on the date the data is provided and have full legal capacity. In the exceptional case of data concerning minors or individuals declared legally incapacitated or interdicted, as established by law, the name of the responsible party remains in the hospital’s records. Personal data will not be collected without the prior consent of the person exercising parental authority or, where applicable, the guardian or legal representative, in accordance with the applicable rules of representation in each case.

If, due to a human or technical error or oversight on the part of the owner, Dr. Green were to inadvertently collect personal data of minors or incapacitated individuals, such data will be deleted from the databases containing them as soon as we become aware of it.

The duration of the handling of your personal data will be indefinite from the date you provide them, and you may object to their handling at any time you deem appropriate, within the limits of the law. If your objection is deemed valid, Dr. Green will cease to handle your personal data without any responsibility on our part, with the exception that you acknowledge that your medical record must be kept by Dr. Green for a minimum of five years in accordance with the General Health Law, regulations, and applicable standards.

Dr. Green reserves the right to modify the content of this Privacy Notice at any time. Any changes to the Privacy Notice will be communicated to users through our website. Once the Privacy Notice is published on the Site, it will automatically take effect.

I hereby accept in accordance with Dr. Green’s Privacy Notice guidelines and policies.

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